Amazon founder Jeff Bezos once said, "A personal brand is what people say about you when you're not in the room." That is, this is how others see you, or so: a personal brand is how you present yourself to others. Therefore, we offer to consider the 5 guarantees of a personal brand.
• Self-identification: who are you? What traits make you stand out from the crowd? Can you inspire people, capture the attention of the audience? These are the first and probably the most important questions to be answered.
• Values and goals: this point logically follows from the previous one, every famous person has certain guiding principles and goals in life. Transmitting the proper values, and most importantly real following them, is the key to gaining credibility among the audience.
• Professionalism or what is your superpower? It is not necessary to be a multi-profile specialist - you can become an expert in one field, but you must be unsurpassed, that is, have significant competitive advantages in this market.
• Image and reputation: we must not forget that any brand is first of all a set of successful marketing decisions that form a certain positive image. Here, the visual impression is important, when your style of dress, manner of behavior, gestures, speech, etc. complement your personal traits.
• As a personal brand is created over a long period of time and requires an individual, unconventional approach, significant efforts for its promotion, it must be secured as much as possible with the available legal instruments, and there should be a regular monitoring of the violation of exclusive rights.
Yaremchuk & Partners Legal Consulting Group is ready to assist you in creating and registering your brand, including all necessary legal advice, development of the main idea and brand image based on your goals and wishes, as well as preparation of brand implementation system (platforms, communications, visualization).

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