The Shevchenko District Court of Kyiv for the period of the trial forbade the demolition of the “Flowers of Ukraine” building, due to violations of non-property copyright of the architect of the building. The author of the unique building in the style of modernism is the People's Architect of Ukraine Mykola Levchuk. In 1986 the project received the award of the Union of Architects of Ukraine as the "building of the year".
Mykola Levchuk filed a lawsuit against the demolition of the building. The owner of the building did not involve Levchuk in the designing the reconstruction and did not receive permission from the architect.
Flowers of Ukraine is a work of architecture and, therefore, it is an object of copyright. According to the Law "On Copyright and Related Rights", the author has a personal non- property right to demand the preservation of the integrity of the work and to oppose any distortion or other alteration of the work or any other encroachment on the work that may damage the author's honor and reputation.
This is the first case in the history of Ukrainian urban planning, when the court imposed such injunctive relief in a case of infringement of non-property copyright of the architect.
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