The domain name or in fact the "name of the site" on the Internet becomes a unique means of individualization of manufacturers and their products and in terms of importance it can be compared to a trademark. How to get a domain in the UA zone?
Requirement number one: to register a domain name in the UA zone, you must have a registered trademark. In this case, the wording of the domain must match the wording of the trademark.
The registration procedure is quite simple and includes domain verification, entering data about the registrant and payment. The stage of verification concerns the validity of the trademark protection on the territory of Ukraine, the validity of the trademark certificate, the compliance of the mark with the claimed domain, compliance of the data about the trademark owner with the data about the declared owner of the domain.
Here are some important points to keep in mind when registering a domain:
• if your TM is a designation written in a font that can be read in different ways, ie is not unambiguous for perception, it may become a ground for refusal to obtain the desired domain. Similar difficulties may arise in the case of domain registration for a combined sign, which, in addition to the verbal part, contains graphic elements.
• domain names in the UA zone are registered exclusively with symbols of the Latin alphabet, ie, if your trademark is registered in Russian or Ukrainian, it is necessary to transliterate the symbols in accordance with the approved transliteration tables.
Yaremchuk & Partners will provide you with legal advice, as well as the necessary set of services for the registration of your trademark in Ukraine and in foreign countries, as well as help with obtaining the appropriate domain in the UA zone.

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