We decided to open a business in Ukraine, but do you know what difficulties you will encounter in the process of work?

  1.     Labor legislation of Ukraine

The Labor Law Code since 1971, which protects the employee more than the employer.

In this regard, the rules on non-competition and non-recruitment are not familiar with this labor law.

Such norms are even contrary to the constitution, because everyone has the right to work and the right to engage in entrepreneurial activity.

But the absence of such norms does not prevent the conclusion of agreements on non-competition and non-enticement to employers.

  1. Complicated Accounting

A large amount of information, which should be in paper form. This significantly slows down the business.It is also a formalization of all relations on paper. For example, payroll accounting reports must be submitted monthly; each payment for transferring to a business must end with an act of services rendered.

3. Duration of stay in Ukraine for foreigners is limited. To do business, they usually require immigration permits to stay in Ukraine.

4. Over the past five years, many anti-corruption bodies have been created. Of course, they managed to minimize it, but the problems with corruption, bureaucracy and formalism of the migration service, fiscal service and other bodies still remained a little.

  • So, Ukraine is on the 80th place in the ranking of ease of doing business from 190 countries. At the same time, the ease of opening a company (enterprises) in the 20th place, which is a very high result.

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