If you are interested in buying and selling ready-made company or business specialists Legal Consulting Group “Yaremchuk and partners” help as possible to protect your interests, no matter which side you take on.

Our staff can conduct due diligence of companies and business units to minimize the risks involved in buying a business.

When you purchase we will help to ensure:

  • due diligence legality of the acquisition of assets;
  • analysis of the legal history of the company, checking the presence or likelihood of corporate conflicts;
  • the probability of loss of control over the company or business in the future;
  • checking business, contractual, corporate history of the company;
  • choose the most suitable way to purchase, including the subject of taxation;
  • choose the appropriate option asset and an operation "turnkey";
  • assistance in obtaining credit;
  • checking reputation management and company owners.

At the sale, we will help to ensure:

  • checking reputation of buyers;
  • an operation "turnkey";
  • select the most appropriate method of sale, including the subject of taxation;
  • finding buyers or investors;
  • attracting investments from investors, the financial markets or capital markets (loans, securities, etc.)

We help with buying / selling ready for sale:

  • companies with licenses (building permits, travel, vehicles, precious metals, jewelry, nonferrous and ferrous metals, medical practice, etc.);
  • financial institutions (banks, asset managers, pawnshops, dealers CPU);
  • business for sale in different areas (restaurants, cafes, light industry, factories, workshops);
  • "clean" on sale in all areas of Kyiv and Ukraine.

If you want to buy or sell a company, business or ready to "clean" company ready to work with all issues, we will always help you with this.