Associations have always been an effective way of joint efforts to achieve their goals, improve the welfare of certain categories of persons to achieve the needy.

Given the difficult economic and political situation in Ukraine, the situation in the east, the increasing number of internally displaced persons and people in need of emergency care, caring people come together to help. The question arises as to issue a legal right of association.

Legislation Ukraine provides that Civic Association - a voluntary association of individuals and / or legal entities of private law for the implementation and protection of rights and freedoms, social satisfaction, including economic, social, cultural, environmental and other interests.

Public association for the legal form is formed as a public organization (association if only individuals) or public association (if the association of legal entities and individuals).

Public association can carry out activities with legal status or without status. NGO with legal status is a non-profit association, whose main purpose is profit, but the Tax Code provides for the acquisition of non-profit status. The founders of public organizations may be citizens of Ukraine, foreigners and stateless persons who are in Ukraine on legal grounds, over 18 years, and youth and children's organizations - 14 years.

The total period of registration of the NGO is between 14 and 30 days from the receipt of the customer all documents necessary for registration.

The said list are:

  • A copy of the minutes of the constituent assembly;
  • Charter (two copies);
  • Information on the bodies of the public association with the name, first name, middle name (if any), date of birth of the head and members of other governing bodies, positions in the governing bodies, telephone number and other means of communication and said information about the person (s) entitled to represent the community association to carry out registration actions, which included the written consent of that person if that person was not present at the founding meeting (prepared by lawyers Legal Consulting Group "Yaremchuk and Partners");
  • A completed registration card for the state registration of legal entities;
  • Passport copies of founders;
  • Copies of the founders INN;
  • Notarized statement by the person authorized to perform registration operations.

The specialists of Legal Consulting Group "Yaremchuk and Partners" will quickly and reliably register a public association for you.

In the event that you decide to register a public association yourself, we will conduct a comprehensive consultation on the entire procedure from the preparation of documents to the final steps for registration. In the case of self-registration, your task will be to go through all instances and register documents in them without our presence.