Specialists of the Legal Consulting Group "Yaremchuk and Partners" will quickly and securely register your business in the form of a Limited Liability Company for both Ukrainian citizens and foreigners!  

Therefore, if you have decided to set up an LLC for the purpose of doing business in Kiev or on the territory of Ukraine, we strongly recommend that you take advantage of the services and recommendations of our company's lawyers, since during the whole procedure of opening the LLC, you still will not be able to understand all the nuances without experience and practical training. In addition, we quickly and safely help open a turnkey company - you can avoid the routine work that all those who want to save money and register themselves do.

What you will need to do for an operational registration of LLC

  • Call us.
  • Get advice and get acquainted with the list of documents.
  • Take all the documents with you to start the registration.
  • Sign a power of attorney from a notary.
  • Assure the statutory documents.
  • Be present when opening an account with a bank and sign it.
  • Get all the documents we will do for you.

What data and documents should be prepared and submitted for the start of the registration of the LLC

For individuals:

  • to come up with a name for your LLC;
  • to determine the types of economic activity (KVED);
  • provide a copy of the passport and identification number of the founder / founders;
  • provide a copy of the passport and identification number of the future director of the LLC;
  • the legal address of the future LLC (in case of its absence, we will provide you with the most profitable address in any Kyiv region, where your organization will be officially located).

Additionally for legal entities:

  • a copy of the Certificate of Registration;
  • copy of the Charter.

Our services for the registration of LLC include:

  • consultations regarding the opening of the LLC;
  • assistance in the selection of activities (NCE);
  • help in choosing a taxation system;
  • verification of the name of the LLC;
  • registration of a legal address (in any district of Kiev);
  • filing an application for a VAT certificate for LLC (if necessary);
  • preparation of all constituent documents and drafting of the Statute;
  • introduction of all state duties;
  • registration of LLC in Tax and registration;
  • selection of a seal and an order for its production;
  • opening a bank settlement account of the LLC;
  • receipt of all documents that confirm the procedure for the registration of LLC.

We always openly talk about the terms of our clients and do not exaggerate the real timeframe. To register your company, you need 7 to 10 working days, after which you receive the entire package of documents necessary for commencing business.

Additional paid:

  • of obtaining VAT registration certificate.
  • of obtaining a single-tax payer's certificate
  • of obtaining legal addresses for the company in any area of Kiev.

In the event that you decide to register the LLC yourself, we will conduct a comprehensive consultation regarding the whole procedure from the preparation of documents to the final steps for the design of the LLC. In case of self-registration of LLC, your task will be to go through all instances and register documents in them without our presence.