In order to obtain legal protection of a trademark in a foreign country (countries) you can:
• apply to the patent office of the state in which you wish to obtain protection in accordance with the law and regulations governing the registration of a trademark in the country of filing;
• register a trademark in foreign countries in accordance with the Protocol Relating to the Madrid Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Marks.
According to the national procedure, you must apply for the registration of a trademark in the patent offices of each foreign country separately. The Madrid system allows you through one registration procedure to obtain legal protection of a trademark in several countries that have also signed the Madrid Agreement.
Registration through a patent office requires the services of foreign patent attorneys. When applying the Madrid system, there is no need to find specialists in intellectual property abroad, as the application for registration is submitted to Ukrpatent.
All documents required for registration must be translated into the language of the filing country if you register the TM through the national patent office of a foreign state, and according to the Madrid registration system, the international application is in French or English.
Registration through the patent office involves the payment of duties and fees in the currency of the country of registration, while the international duty is paid in Swiss francs directly to the WIPO International Bureau.
In the case of trademark registration through a national patent office of a foreign state, there is no dependence of the registration on the national one (in Ukraine), which in turn takes place in the Madrid system of international registration of marks.
Yaremchuk & Partners will provide you with legal advice, as well as the necessary range of services for the registration of your trademark in foreign countries.

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