We offer services for licensing of all types of entrepreneurial, industrial-production and economic activities in Ukraine. Our specialized specialists will provide qualified consultations, will help you to prepare the necessary documents for submission to the relevant state bodies and to obtain the license you are interested in as soon as possible and at transparent prices. Please, see the list of licenses, services, for which we are ready to provide you today.

Before you get the license you are interested in, check out the short terminology.

A license is a document (certificate, permit) that allows its owner to conduct certain activities in the territory of the country where it was issued or outside it. The issued license entitles its owner to carry out commercial activities, provide services, conduct production activities, etc.

Licensing is a step-by-step set of actions, the result of which is the issuance of a license to a physical (individual entrepreneur) or a legal entity for the purpose of conducting economic activities.

Licensee is a person who has a license and, in fact, a legal right to conduct economic activities, which interests him.

Licensor in the process of the license agreement is the most important party that grants the licensee the exclusive right to use the licensing object within the permitting cycle.

Currently, we offer to obtain such licenses:

Medical license

Passenger License

License for import and export of alcohol and tobacco

Licensing in mediation employment abroad

License for customs brokerage activities

Tour Operator Licence