The Internet increasingly narrows the boundaries of our own space, making everyone's personal life common property. This especially applies to public figures. But do not worry and close from the world, wrap the situation in your favor.

Almost all of us have a personal brand, but few realize it and use it effectively. Nowadays it's not enough to be a super successful specialist in your field - the main thing is to present yourself to the world in a qualitative and convincing manner.

People perceive your brand as an image, thinking that you are so in life. On the basis of this form the opinion of you. Personal branding helps to create the right image and direct it according to your goals.

Who needs a personal brand?

There are three categories of business for which you need personal branding:

  • Professionals in the service sector (athletes, actors, singers, artists, doctors, politicians, etc.).
  • Businessmen in the sphere of personal services (owners of auto shops, galleries, educational institutions, cleaning companies, etc.).
  • Sellers who can add value to the product (sound recording studios, clothing stores, retail, etc.).

If you are sure of the good quality of your services or product, you have a stable business and there are no problems with the state or some "dark" sides of the biography that may appear during the work on the brand - you can be sure that your own brand will bring you only and will really work for you.

To create a full-fledged, "live" brand, you need to create a three-dimensional image, and not just a beautiful, ideal "figure" of yourself. Therefore, do not focus only on sales and promotion, based on lies. A personal brand should be a reflection of your true character and be based on values ​​that are important to you. This approach focuses on the individual side - your reputation and character. You can pay attention to your strong qualities and emphasize the peculiarity of your personality when a personal brand will be based on your dream, respect and love for other people.

What does personal branding do?

  • Forms a positive impression and loyalty among potential customers;
  • Personal branding creates trusting relationships with customers;
  • It allows you to profitably position yourself in relation to competitors, creating a solid reputation. Brand perception reflects your desires and actions;
  • Increases brand awareness;
  • Helps to become a successful and famous specialist;
  • Teach you how to manage yourself as well as business;
  • Unleash your potential, discover hidden opportunities and bring to a new level of communication with people;
  • Coordinates the relationship between the personal brand and the brand of the company.

Stages of creating a personal brand:

  • Find and articulate your authentic personal goal. Through identification and introspection, define dreams and values, understand what makes you unusual.
  • Identify and fix your personal brand, which will be the starting point for your actions.
  • Form an individual balanced system of indicators, based on an action plan that meets your goals.
  • Professionally create a system of communication and visualization.
  • Support, development and promotion of a personal brand.

How will we help in building and promoting your personal brand:

  • We identify personal ambitions and goals;
  • We will build a personal brand platform;
  • We develop the character of a personal brand;
  • We develop the main message of the brand;
  • Form the brand image;
  • Prepare the system for introducing a personal brand (site, communication, visualization).

Our services:

Brand development

Development of the brand name, brand platform and positioning, visual identification (logo, corporate identity, advertising media), passport of the brand standards (brand book, style guide). We create brands, attach a new look and remake existing ones, develop unique visual communication for companies, goods and services. All projects are developed taking into account research and are based on a marketing basis. Any project we draw up in detail in the presentation, any decision has an expert argument. At your disposal are teams of professionals: a brand strategist, a marketer, a copywriter, a web designer and an illustrator.

Brand in digital

Every web project we design, develop custom scripts, create detailed prototypes and only after that we proceed to the stages of design, assembly and programming of the site. All work is carried out only on the basis of the technical assignment. A personal account manager always keeps the client informed at any stage. The system of tasks allows the client to see the entire build process, plan the release, and launch time of the site. The basis of all our developed sites is a simple structure, a thoughtful interface and a focus on solving business problems.

Support, implementation and development

For prompt and well-functioning work, we offer a dedicated support team. We have built an ideal chain of client- executors for solving everyday and current tasks in the form of visual and content support for the brand: advertising printing, print advertising, banners and graphic announcements, writing and posting texts on the site.