Legal Consulting Group "Yaremchuk and Partners" provides accounting services for private entrepreneurs and legal entities in Kiev at an affordable price and an individual system for controlling the accounting process.

The main task of qualified accounting is to timely and correctly submit reports to the relevant regulatory authorities, so we will promptly create for you or your company a structural accounting department with one or several specialists. We can guarantee that the collection of all accounting documents of your enterprise and the structuring of economic information will be effectively used to make constructive and reliable decisions for the overall good of your business.

Key Benefits of Accounting Services in Outsourcing.

Accounting services (or accounting outsourcing) and company support is the full or partial maintenance of accounting and auditing, keeping the tax reporting of the organization and meeting all requirements in accordance with the Legislation. In the traditional understanding of an advanced business owner, classical accounting is a completely new, individual and modern system for analyzing, collecting and recording the company's economic data with an automated form of management and statistics. Of course, only the specialist who has experience of working in different entrepreneurial spheres will be able to justify the expectations of the business owner and cope with this task. This allows you to objectively assess the situation and offer better solutions in the field of accounting and auditing.

Such profitable conditions and services for accounting support in Kiev you will not be offered by anyone!

Individual assessment and approach. To each client we have our own individual approach, in accordance with which we build a logical chain of actions.

The whole complex or fee for conducting a separate direction and volume of work. Partial or full accounting - what to choose? It depends on you. You have the right to order strictly one direction - for example, writing and submitting reports to the Tax Service and paying for accounting services in accordance with these parameters.

Getting a whole accounting department consisting of several people. The key advantage of accounting outsourcing is that you will be assigned to not only one person, but the entire accounting department and, if necessary, the emergence of non-standard tasks, our specialists will always be able to untangle the tangle and take the necessary measures to solve them.

Risk forecasting and objective external evaluation of activities. Sometimes, a staff member may not see obvious mistakes and misses in the accounting of his company. Initially, you will get an objective assessment if your accounting is already under way. In consequence, all the documentation will be managed by a person who can be trusted and trusted.

Confidentiality. We will try to conduct your bookkeeping as efficiently and transparently as possible. Your company's turnover and financial flows will be known to the accountant, but will never be known to third parties. We sign a relevant agreement, in which this paragraph is given special attention.

24-hour availability of the accountant. In the absence of a personal accountant assigned for you for force-majeure reasons, you quickly get another qualified specialist who is able to solve problems promptly. Under the condition of a full-time accountant at the enterprise, he can get sick, not come to work and much more. As you can see, a freelance accountant has a number of significant advantages.

Affordable prices for accounting services. As a rule, the monthly price for accounting services is much lower than the salary of a full-time specialist (doubly, or even triply). You get accounting services, which really can overpower even a small company. All prices will be justified by real indicators of the quality of accounting support.

Complexity of accounting and legal audit. We not only have a staff of accountants, but also lawyers. Accounting and jurisprudence intersect among themselves and very often can be one whole of successful bookkeeping. You can always get a competent legal advice, and not look for a specialized company in case of additional questions.

What does accounting service include:

  • Comprehensive preparation of accounting reports and its delivery.
  • Calculation of the salary of employees of your company.
  • Analysis of financial risks.
  • Minimize technical costs and expenses for personnel, equipment, etc.
  • Protection of your business rights from violations by state authorities.
  • Accounting consulting and consulting.
  • Preparation of financial statements for international or corporate standards.

A systematic approach to customer service, which managed to order the services of our accountants, is primarily due to the skill level of our employees. With regard to the specific areas and scope of work for which you will be accounting and audit your company - it depends strictly on the direction of your business, the number of transactions and other factors.