pictureCompany «LUCHIARDI» expresses huge gratitude to Ltd. "Legal Consulting Group" "Yaremchuk and Partners" for quality and timely services by registration of Copyright, comprehensive consulting support and control. We express our sincere gratitude to the team of specialists in the field of intellectual property, in particular to the managing partner Alena Yaremchuk, which was supervising our questions, for high professionalism and custom-tailored approach. We will be glad to work with you again.




I want to express my gratitude to the LCG "Yaremchuk and Partners", in particular to the Managing Partner Alena Yaremchuk for timely advice and assistance on the issue of execution of documents for legal residence in Spain.
was helped to take the best and affordable solution in this situation, because I had faced with the issue of registration of civil marriage abroad at first time.
Thanks to qualified help of lawyers of LCG "Yaremchuk and Partners" everything was done on time and without unnecessary complications!
Thanks for the advice and legal support!

Sincerely, Lidia Matveeva.

Pronto Film


  Long experience of cooperation Ltd. "Pronto Film" with "Legal Consulting Group", "Yaremchuk and Partners" has shown that the LLC "Legal Consulting Group", "Yaremchuk and Partners" has established itself as a reliable and responsible partner Especially want to note that the staff are always responsive, polite, and willing to carry out the tasks in a short time.

  With respect and gratitude, LLC team "Pronto Film."



Передмістя Київ

Publishing house "suburbs of Kiev" would point LCG "Yaremchuk and Partners" as a reliable partner for those who appreciates time and professionalism.

Chief Editor Klevansky MM



The company "CHESS ART» thanks LCG "Yaremchuk and partners" for legal advice legal services. Deserves special recognition, timely and clearly defined the job of registration of trade marks and copyright. A pleasure to work with professionals who know how and are able to achieve real results.
Sincerely Dmitriy Saratsky.



Котедж директ

Publisher "Cottage Direct" thanks Legal Consulting Group "Yaremchuk and Partners" for a rational and comprehensive approach to business issues, the ability to enter into a state of the client. Your advice and instruction had a positive impact on the firm. We hope for cooperation in the future.

Sincerely, Sergei Shepherds.


Funny group

Promotion Agency «FUNNY GROUP» expresses gratitude Legal Consulting Group "Yaremchuk and Partners" for the work and effective collaboration. As a result, competent and comprehensive work of its employees, our company has achieved its goals in the required time frame.
Sincerely Mrs. Ivanischak.



LCG "Yaremchuk and Partners" has established itself as a reliable partner, providing professional legal advice on different levels of complexity. Our specialists, "Yaremchuk and Partners" have shown a high level of professionalism, ability to resolve disputed issues of legal regulation, the ability to find an informed and appropriate decision in the interests of the customer special needs. I express gratitude to Consulting Group "Yaremchuk and Partners" for the effective cooperation.

Director General Musienko AA


GranatThe company «GRANAT» thanks LCG "Yaremchek and Partners". We must pay tribute to the efficiency, individual approach, sincere interest and professionalism with which the company approach to every issue. Want to continue to cooperate with you.

With Regards Vladimir Glushchenko.


DNK Group



During the cooperation with LCG "Yaremchuk and Partners", our company has completely relied on their experience and practice. Depending on the task, the firm's lawyers provide our enterprise-quality, comprehensive legal services to protect our interests, support of negotiations, copyright registration for which we express our deep gratitude.

Managing partner Dmitry Gutsal



Thank you for your professionalism multiplied by a comprehensive and rational approach to all tasks.

   Sincerely Svetlana Solomin.



Employees of "LCG" Yaremchuk and Partners "showed themselves as highly skilled professionals who know their job and listen to the client. Would like to express their gratitude for the qualitative provision of services. 


The administration of Camellia



The company «NEO» thanks "Legal Consulting Group Yaremchuk and Partners" for operational and professional performance of all tasks, ensuring better functioning of the agency.

  Yours Galina Marquis






Thanks to Olena Yaremchuk! So, I became the owner of the copyright to use the name for its author's articles (logos, tags). Olena controls everything about my brand. Olena Yaremchuk, as a lawyer,is responsible person, proactive, and generator of ideas. I'm not familiar with Olena in real life. Exclusively through facebook. But we have already managed to implement some successful drafts! 

I have experienced firsthand the reliability of the successful person, and I want to meet her in real life! Olena Yaremchuk (I know from people who are familiar with her more than one year) - a man light, good and very positive. From my own experience - I want to add: a serious, decisive and responsible.  Happiness to you, Olena, and let all your ideas, plans, ideas, your personal advancement and projects are carried out! I recommend you to everyone! 


Kind regards, Kati Zaluzhny http://kati.at.ua/ - exclusive jewelry designer "Varenka"