"We protect only those rights"

AV Stepanov

We are young, active and growing law firm.

Our team consists of a fully developed personalities, and the professionals who are always ready to help in resolving legal issues clients.

Realizing that each of our client - is unique, then the approach to it is always individual. We develop an optimal scheme for each client activity and prepare the documents with all the requirements of the Client.

Working with us, the client can always be sure that it is usually narrow-profile legal issues will be addressed to a lawyer, deeply versed in the relevant area of ​​law.

We work with our clients in areas such as:

1) Assist in matters related to the protection of trademarks for goods and services, copyrights, inventions and industrial designs, as well as the registration of intellectual property rights (drafting and management of affairs of the application to obtain a permit). We also develop possible strategies to protect, assist in the permitting and sale of intellectual property rights.

2)  Representing the interests of our clients at the State Intellectual Property Service of Ukraine.

3) Providing a full range of services to resolve disputes. We represent our clients in courts of general jurisdiction in the economic and administrative courts of all instances.

4)  Practice the solution of disputes through mediation, including render services for the preparation of quality legal advice on possible ways to resolve disputes, drafting legal documents associated with the conclusion of a settlement agreement between the parties, legal support for the recognition and approval of international agreements, institutions, including court, before which there is a dispute settled by mediation.

5) Legal service as a pledge of a long relationship between the client and lawyer.

Legal services for businesses of our company is focused on the natural or legal persons who engage in its activities in the fields of media, show business, advertising and filmmaking.

Legal services for businesses and individuals are constantly dealing with intellectual property (copyright and related rights, trademarks) media (magazine, newspaper and Internet publishing, radio, television, etc.), publishers, promoters, music groups, producers, record companies.

Legal support activities and projects of photographers, writers, designers, artists, composers, and others, actors, musicians, singers and other performers, as well as models.