Registration, liquidation

Experts of the law firm "Yaremchuk and partners" will help to quickly open the business. Business in Kiev is the first step to a successful business. Our staff will help with the choice of the optimal organizational form.
The correct choice of the legal form will provide a good and reliable start when entering the market.
When choosing the legal form to be considered:

    Future activities of the company, including the amount of permits;
    specificity of the relationship between the co-founders (quantity, trust, etc.)
    nuances of cash flows;
    Availability affiliates.

In addition to choosing the right legal form, our lawyers will help to gather all necessary approval documents, develop the individual effective scheme of work, cash flow and tax.

A good start - a powerful competitive advantage that will allow you to avoid many penalties, inspections, sanctions, and will increase in future income.
Our company offers:

    Registration LLC;
    enrollment will SAP;
    enrollment will PE;
    registration of legal entities the Organizing other legal forms;

Registration of a company - it is not only the primary enrollment will.

In addition, we will help organize:

    replace the founder of a legal entity (the right of assembly participants (members, etc.)), compliance with pre-emptive rights, the procedures of entry and exit of participants (members, etc.), the rights of spouses, etc.);
    changes to the articles of association and not just (change location, change of activity, change the share capital (mutual fund, etc.);
    changes in management of a business entity with the implementation of labor, corporate and administrative law;
    reorganization (transformation, merger, division, separation) entities.

Izmeninie activities must result in compliance with the new classifier CTEA 2010.

In addition to quality care for the creation and maintenance of business, professional law firm "
Yaremchuk and partners" will help you quickly and safely complete the business and / or start a new page.
We offer a complete package of legal services related to the liquidation of legal entities of all forms of ownership:

    liquidation by the owner;
    bankruptcy on the owner's decision
    compulsory liquidation is not related to the bankruptcy.