Albert Forment Torrent


Albert Forment Torrent

Partner in Spain.


Lawyer specializing in Civil, Criminal and Tax Law ; extending their practice to other areas such as Family Law, Administrative Law and Labour Law.


Profile :

Law Degree and a Master in Tax Law at the University of Barcelona. He speaks German, English and French. Professional extensive experience in various areas of law with years of experience.


Areas :

Family Law and Inherits : Legal separations, divorces, domestic partnerships, changes in sentencing, maintenance claims. Titled on Domestic Violence. Titled on Family Law. Writing and advice to make wills, inheritances, heirs statements and all related procedures and contesting wills. Marital status certificates.

Civil Law : Property Law. Any claims in civil proceedings. Actions for debt. Housing proceedings. Evictions of flats and houses. Insurance claims.

Criminal Law :   Complaints  ,  assistance  to detainees  ,  traffic controls  ,  all kind of  trials.   Criminal cases. Prison Law graduate. Titled on proceedings before the Jury Court. Traffic accidents : possible contingency fee basis to be paid partly by insurance company and partly commission basis. Juvenile Criminal Law with specific qualifications for the performance of the defense of minors in criminal proceedings. Titled on sentence execution. Reprieves.

Employment Law : Dismissals and Disabilities. Social Security Benefits. Labour requirements. Certificate Labour Procedure.

Administrative Law : Abbreviated and Ordinary Litigation Appeals against all kind of cases. Titled in Immigration Law.

Tax Law : Criminal liability for breach of tax obligations. Appeals to Public Treasury due to irregularities in declaration of taxes.