Our company can help you to arrange a mortgage in Spain.
For this we need the following documents:

  1. Spain Personal Identification Number (N.I.E.)
  2. Bank statement / Client account with the Treasury movements for the last 3 - 6 months (the period depends on the bank where the loan is requested)
  3. Information on income from employment: salary for the last 3 months, if the employment relationship decorated contract or the relevant documents on income, if the Client - entrepreneur
  4. The contract for the work, or information about the private entrepreneur
  5. 2 personal income tax (tax return)
  6. Information about the availability of real estate, if there is one in the property
  7. CREDIT BURO - a paper on the financial reliability of the Customer, which is produced in banking from a single database. This document confirms the presence or absence of the credit to the Client's name in his country, as well as financial trustworthiness Kdienta for loans payments.

All documents must be translated by an official translator and apostillirovany.

A warning!!! - For the issue of Ukrainian citizens mortgage documents rassmatrivayutsya and checked very carefully, which takes additional time. Preference is given to customers who have their own, sufficient to purchase tools.

Our team will gladly provide you with a reliable and proper execution of all necessary documents. We work directly with Spanish banks. Our specialists will prepare a complete package of documents that will be present during the entire procedure and will always help you in Spain.

The cost of the service - 5% of the funds raised.